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We are losing our listening, in the words of the sound expert Julian Treasure. Treasure gives of statistics exemplifying how we are losing our listening. He states how 60% of the time used listening, we only grasp 25% of what we hear. Treasure’s definition of listening is making meaning from sound.  He believes that we are losing listening because of:

1. Recording 2. The world is too noisy 3. People are too impatient 4. Desensitized

The lack of listening can lead to a dangerous world. Treasure states that it is a serious problem, listening is our access to understanding. Without listening, the world can turn violent, exemplified in Treasure’s presentation. Julian Treasure provides us with three ways that we may improve our own conscious listening:

1. Sit in silence for three minutes everyday, it will help you hear the “quiet” again

2. Mixer, in a noisy environment and you should analyze how many sounds you’re hearing

3. Savoring

4. Listening positions

5. RASA (Receive, Appreciate, Summarize, Ask)

The fifth way is the technique I chose to do over a matter of two days. This weekend I traveled to Shreveport for a football game. On the way to the game, my mother and I held various conversations on different topics. Each time we ended the conversation, we used Treasure’s acronym (RASA) technique. We received what were were saying to each other, appreciated each other’s words, summarized at the end of each conversation, and asked questions. This allowed me to grasp what she was telling me which allows me to remember everything we discussed to this day.

In conclusion,  Julian Treasure believes that listening should be thought in schools. He believes that it can transform the world in one generation to a conscious listening world, a world of  connection, a world of understanding, and a world of peace. 

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